A business owner faces numerous challenges every day and it becomes difficult for the business owners to manage the time and resources to meet all the challenges. Thus, this stress shifts the focus of the business owner from the core concern of the business. The main focus of the business owner should be on the strategic goals of the organizations and should outsource the other functions of the organization. Given below are the few tasks that a company can easily outsource to gain better results:

  1. a) Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping is a very important task of any business that should not be neglected and constant supervision should b provided. This is the reason why it is feasible for the companies to outsource it. Outsourcing firms help in customizing the bookkeeping solutions and handle the accounting books better than the company itself. Thus, with the help of outsourcing firms a firm can get timely preparations of its financial records and improved efficiency of its financial records.
  2. b) VAT (Value Added Tax): VAT has been recently implemented in UAE; therefore, it is a new concept for the small business owners in UAE. Thus, it is difficult for the UAE business owners to understand the VAT formalities, its compliance with statutory law, filing, calculation and implementation. Therefore, companies need expert help to solve its VAT related issues. Outsourcing companies are helping the small businesses in meeting their VAT related issues by incorporating all the legal compulsions and providing solutions to the VAT related issues. Outsourcing companies can help the small and medium businesses in their activities like VAT control, pro representation in FTA proceedings, VAT planning, registration and administration and VAT IT solutions advisory.
  3. c) Accounts Receivable Management: Management of account receivables of the firm is one complex area. To maintain the account receivables of the firm needs expertise and proficiency; thus, it is important for the firms to outsource the account receivable management of the company. With the help of outsourcing account receivables a firm will be able to save time and money. The outsourcing companies also help the businesses in enhanced account receivable process by providing them faster payment collection. By outsourcing the account receivable activities, firms get spare time to focus on other business activities.
  4. d) Account Payable Process: Just like account receivable, account payable is also a complicated task that requires efficient handling. A company has to maintain the record of payment dates else missing it might lead to fines and penalties. Therefore, outsourcing is the best possible option for the firms to deal with account payable issues. By outsourcing account payable process a firm can get its system converted to ERP system that helps in effective management of information, proper scanning of the system. It also helps the small businesses in solving the payment related discrepancies by counter checking the supplier statements, receipts and vouchers.

Bank Reconciliation Process: A company cannot monitor the actual financial health of the business without bank reconciliation. Bank reconciliation process is a complicated task and it takes ages to counter check the transactions. With the help of outsourcing, a firm can get its bank reconciliation process done in timely and effective manner. Our system helps the companies in providing the cost effective solutions and help identifying any ghost entries. It is also helpful in providing the third party reconciliation and reduces the chances or errors and manipulations.

Thus, it is concluded that with the help of outsourcing a company gets many advantages in terms of process automation, timely deduction of errors, detection of system inefficiencies, effective cash flow management, improved financial process and reduced revenue leakage. Akram Fortis Management Consultancy is the best outsourcing company to meet your accounting and tax related issues. Feel free to contact us for any finance related assistance; we are just one click away.