To run a business it is very essential that the firm should follow the regulatory compliance and should prepare the compliance framework, policies and assurance. With the continuous changes of significant regulatory changes in the financial services industry, it has become very difficult for the companies to keep a track of the new regulations, design them and implement the measures to manage and control them. With an experience of 16 years AFMC has been providing accounting and compliance services to startups and SMEs in UK and UAE. With an exceptional track record of assisting firms in meeting the accounting and compliance requirements, AFMC is now leading in the UAE financial industry. Our teams provide the most updated and comprehensive accounting and compliance services to our clients to help them operate successfully in these demanding regulatory regimes.

At AFMC we do not provide one size solution to all the firms instead we take our time to fully understand the client’s requirements and then provide them the best solutions. Our experienced team of consultants work efficiently to provide our customers with the most accurate and effective solutions to their accounting and compliance problems. Our collective efforts provide our clients with the timely and solution- oriented assistance for their regulatory and compliance issues and help us build long term relationships with them.

In UAE, there are different accounting and compliance requirements for the businesses to operate in the industry. We provide hassle free solutions to our clients by providing a wide range of accounting and compliance services. Our services help the companies to be carefree from their accounting and compliance related issues and focus on their management problems. We handle all their accounting and compliance related issues in a very cost effective manner. Client satisfaction is our key aim and we make sure to provide them the best services and build long lasting relationships with them.